10 Important Issues About Premature Ejaculation

Issue 1:

Your mind is telling you that you “learned to come too fast” and you have to unlearn it.

You’re familiar with this one, aren’t you? When you were an adolescent engaged in masturbation, you were scared of being discovered so… Partly true. Premature ejaculation could have a learned component, but that isn’t all of it.

The fact of the matter is that men who come fast have different body chemistries than those who come fast and those who cannot come at all. There are a few physical components that play into the time it takes to ejaculate, as well as a possible genetic connection.

If you’re nervous or excited, you might come rather quickly. The speed is dependent on your fundamental physical¬† ‘set point’, though. Some men have a higher set point than other men.

Good news: There is something that can be done to alter this body chemistry. It will be much simpler than “accepting your fate”.