10 Important Issues About Premature Ejaculation

Issue 2:

You believe that in some way you’re abnormal.

Based on everything you see in the media, you are basically convinced that all men are inherently studs.

This is one of those half-truths. Normal doesn’t mean what is typical – it covers a spectrum. Not all men have the same capabilities, and physical abilities vary. Just like some men have a larger penis than others, some men will finish quickly and some men will take more time. Roughly 30 percent of men come before they or their sex partners would like them to. Therefore, coming too quickly is fairly widespread.

The majority of studies on the “normal” length of time it takes to come is not correct since most men over-estimate their “longevity”. However, when 500 men were timed, the average was around five minutes. Around 2% were clocked at under 60 seconds. Of the men that visited their doctor for this condition, most had an ejaculation within 30 seconds…

While it may be common to come fairly soon, that is not to say it is a good thing. It is often a big issue for each person in the relationship.

The truth is that everyone has to study the techniques of love making. A good lover is cognizant of any physical issues that may inhibit ideal performance during sex, and has developed the skills and strategies to compensate and/or eliminate these limitations.

It’s good to know that you can change your ejaculation ‘set point’ much easier than the size of your penis.