10 Issues About Premature Ejaculation

Issue 5:

“Kegel” exercises during sex can increase your stamina.

Kegel exercises work out the pelvic muscle referred to as the Pubococcus. It has been said by some men that if you develop your PC muscles you can use the PC muscle to stop ejaculation from occurring.

This isn’t entirely true. These are the facts.

For many men the PC exercises will help. These exercises will definitely increase your strength and possibly you will have more pleasurable orgasms.

However squeezing while having sex might make your problem worse. Squeezing the pelvic muscles will actually probably speed up ejaculation. Even worse, the squeezing my lead to retrograde ejaculation, in which the ejaculation doesn’t leave the body but moves into the bladder.

Good news: Performing Kegels may be helpful, since premature ejaculation and erection problems often go hand in hand. Trying to keep an erection uses the exact same squeezing method and makes ejaculation occur faster. Developing your PC muscle, then, can lessen the problem, but it probably won’t get rid of it completely.

Without learning specialized techniques, you can improve the functioning of these muscles easily and within just a short time, without having to pay anyone. Having tight PC muscles is a definite benefit. However, applying this squeeze method in the middle of love-making isn’t likely to be successful.

If you’re having trouble obtaining or maintaining an erection after developing your PC strength, you might think about asking your doctor for some medicine like Viagra. Data indicates that Viagra will decrease the rate of ejaculation somewhat. Guys with erection problems gain two benefits due to the above referenced reasons.