10 Issues About Premature Ejaculation

Issue 6:

Premature ejaculation just impacts how well your partner enjoys sex, but not your own enjoyment. Thus you are able to make up for it in other ways such as being more physically playful.

A lot of men believe this. You don’t have a problem coming, and it’s pleasurable, right? But your big problem is making her feel pleasure with plenty of foreplay, and she will be alright.

Only partly true. Certainly, attending to her needs will be better than nothing. Yet, this is the actual impact that premature ejaculation has on sexual intimacy.

Her mental: The majority of women like men who are dominant but considerate, and if you are unable to maintain an erection and lack endurance, her opinion of your masculinity may waiver. Because of your condition, you don’t have any choice but passivity in bed.

Your Mental: You fear you will not be able to perform as you should, so your confidence is affected in relation to sex. This will impact all of your relationships with females: from the approach and seduction to the intimacy in the relationship, and will therefore restrict your sexual options. Don’t be mistaken, most women will notice your low inner confidence.

Her physical: Although oral and/or manual stimulation is great, it does not take the place of orgasm that occurs as a result of intercourse with you on top of her and you experiencing your own ecstasy, both mentally and physically. It gives a woman great pleasure to know that her man is being pleased at the same time she is. And for women to come during intercourse, they usually have to have several minutes of vigorous vaginal stimulation.

You physical: Have you noticed that your orgasms have been more intense when you lengthen the build up of feelings, instead of ejaculating quickly? Thus the cost of coming too quickly is a reduction in your enjoyment as well.

Good news: You can change your set point to make yourself last a long time. Once you know this, you’ll be better equipped to understand the practical tips. And once you use them, you will notice the change.