10 Issues About Premature Ejaculation

Issue 7:

Every case of Premature Ejaculation is identical.

Half truth: Premature Ejaculation is what it is… and it’s terrible. Much of the information on the topic does not differentiate between types of rapid ejaculation; the symptom is what is treated. It’s kind of like saying that allergy is one disease, when actually there are a variety of allergies with various causes, even though allergy symptoms may all be similar.

More accurate: Rapid ejaculation is caused by many different reasons and happens under many different circumstances.

Having experienced premature ejaculation throughout your life — meaning that you always come quickly regardless of the stimulation — is a different condition than premature ejaculation that occurs later in life or just once in awhile.

For those who have always had this condition, it is likely that you have a biochemical set point that makes you have an orgasm after very little physical and mental stimulation. Your body, in other words, does this naturally.

Good News (as well as the Bad): Men that don’t have premature ejaculation become slower with age and have more endurance. Current research has shown that it does not improve as you get older if you experience lifelong premature ejaculation.

If the condition has only developed recently, possibly there is some sort of health issue, like diabetes, that is causing the problem, so it would be wise to be examined by your physician.

If your own condition is just intermittent, there is probably a mental component triggering it. Such as the pressure of a first time encounter with a new lover. However, your body changes as well.

But it’s possible that you are fatigued, sexually exhausted, stressed or not feeling well, which results in less chemicals in the nervous system. Perhaps you have not had sex recently, and as every male knows, this will cause them to come faster.

Good News: For every situation, there is a readily available answer to fix your permanent or temporary condition. The reason is that we have learned how to alter the physiology to extend ejaculation time, no matter what the reason or your normal duration.

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