10 Issues About Premature Ejaculation

Issue 9:

If you can last a long time, she’ll be impressed and more likely to come.

If you are similar to other men who lack confidence about their performance abilities, your three basic fears are likely to be: Am I large enough? Will I be able to have an erection? Will I be able to last enough? And most likely in that order, unless you have a big penis or if you have one specific problem. If that is the case, the order will be different.

Not only does it increase the pressure to maintain penis size, but it’s also likely to reduce the erection time or the ability to get an erection at all. Don’t believe the people who tell you penis size isn’t important; it is. However, women don’t think this is as important as you getting an erection and maintaining it for a decent amount of time prior to ejaculating.

If you can perform these two things, most likely you’ll be all right in bed. However, this isn’t sufficient to drive her wild. Most men and women are aroused by different sorts of things and sexual cues.

For a female, a satisfying sexual experience has a lot to do with mental and emotional stimuli, and for a male, it begins with a more visual and physical stimuli. Guys, then, need to watch her to see how she reacts to things. Listen to what her body is telling you, not so much her words. If you learn something that is pleasing to her, continue to use it. In the same way you cannot control attraction as a choice, the same is true of arousal. It isn’t a matter of the mind. It’s physical and all too real.

Good news: You can achieve an erection that is more than adequate, and long-lasting. This allows you to get the physical foundation so you can experiment and make observations. Or a shorter route you can take is to use material that’s already available about dating, seduction and sexual technique to offer you help so you can become proficient as a sex partner. This is attainable to you as well as something you can do.

However, it’s essential to start by having the basics in place. If you can’t actually be in the race, you can’t possibly utilize all that information.