10 Issues About Premature Ejaculation

Issue 4:

Your best bet is therapy.

This is the old way of thinking, but maybe it’s still promoted by others who would like to sell you costly, recurring therapy treatments.

This is just a half-truth. The reality is that the majority of men either discontinue therapy (you would require a long-term partner who is very accommodating, and you would have to realize that the outcome may not be totally successful), or some improvement occurs but they eventually revert to their previous condition. The top two myths offer you a couple of clues-the body simply goes back to its natural fast ejaculation “set point”.

The best thing to do is to modify your attitude to alter the way the body functions. And it is possible. However, because many men are concerned about this aspect of their sexuality and their worth as a man, it is difficult to alter beliefs about this.

Consider this analogy. Do you alter a man’s confidence (for instance, making him feel that he is a good lover) and consequently change his sexual prowess, or is it advisable to provide him with some techniques to improve his love-making, thus allowing him to gain more confidence — a process that is self-reinforcing?

Good news: There are some steps you can take that will provide results immediately.