10 Issues About Premature Ejaculation

Issue 8:

How long you last defines Premature Ejaculation

Have you researched the average time for a male to last during sex and judged yourself against those standards? Researchers attempted to define PE in terms of a time measurement that they referred to as IELT (intra-vaginal ejaculatory latency time), which is a fancy way of referring to the amount of time that passes between insertion of the penis into the vagina and ejaculation.

However, the statistics are hard to find, or they lack validity. Things are inconsistent – it all depends on where you find the info and what they use for criteria. A Wikipedia article claims that 7.2 minutes is natural for men but other research has said as little as 2 minutes.

But it doesn’t really matter. Making comparisons is not as helpful as ensuring that you last as long as necessary and you understand how to provide physical and emotional satisfaction to your partner.

A man who only has a regular IELT of less than two minutes will not be satisfied, or will have a partner that isn’t pleased. However, IELT is not an accurate gauge of PE since judging on length of time does not indicate anything about the quality of the sexual activity for both partners.

Now, researchers have decided on a combination style definition: Premature ejaculation is a male sexual dysfunction noticeable by ejaculation which always or almost always happens prior to or within a minute or so of penetration, and inability to stave off ejaculation on nearly every vaginal penetration, and negative personal consequences, like distress and avoidance of intimacy.

While there are guys who come quickly, there are also gals who experience the same thing. Being compatible physically matters, in both responsiveness and physical factors like penis and vagina size. Plus, the amount of foreplay, the state of the partners’ relationship, the man’s skill, and the attitudes of both partners all interact and lead to sexual satisfaction, or lack thereof, which is a subjective experience. The number of minutes it takes for a guy to come is just a small part of it.

Good News: The amount of time a man is able to last does not matter, so there is no need to worry if you are average. If you just concentrate on learning to last the amount of time you want, you’ll probably notice both of your sex lives improve.

If you desire to control the situation, you may think of it as a bigger problem than she does. Either way, though, if how long you can last is a problem to you or to your partner, no matter how long that time might be, you should work to make it longer. It’s not impossible.

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