Premature Ejacuation Treatment

Premature ejaculation is a condition that occurs frequently in men and involves unexpected discharge of semen or ejaculation before a man wants that event to occur. PE may lead to feelings of emotional discomfort, stress, and unsatisfactory sex. There is hope to resolve premature ejaculation by understanding the cause and engaging in a treatment plan.

1. Therapy

A serious mental health condition that hurts sexual performance can be helped with psychotherapy. If treatment does not work on males with premature ejaculation, there may be untreated mental health issues to deal with. Psychotherapy consists of speaking with a mental health expert to lessen performance anxiety, make relationships better, establish stress control ability and problem solving skills. You can discuss your concerns and disappointments with your therapist so you understand more about what is going on with your body.

2. Pharmaceuticals

Currently the FDA has not approved any premature ejaculation remedy, but there are several medications that might help premature ejaculation. The ejaculation rapid response can be delayed by use of specific serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). A typical side effect and problem with SSRIs is that it takes a longer time to climax; this can help a man who has premature ejaculation issues. Tricyclic antidepressants and SSRIs have side effects that are alike, so both can be taken to prolong the sexual climax in men who ejaculate prematurely. Desensitizing creams have local anesthetic properties that can help stop premature ejaculation.

3. Sex Therapy

Success is seen more often when behavior modification in sexual intercourse is supervised by a sexual health professional. For the initial weeks after beginning sex therapy, stay away from sex – this will allay any fears of possible premature ejaculation. The doctor might also advise masturbating before sexual intercourse, engaging in more foreplay and waiting longer before penetrating so you can avoid premature ejaculation. Should premature ejaculation continue to occur during foreplay, treatment by a mental health provider may be recommended.

Following are some behavioral modifications that can be useful for a man to help him pay attention to his penis and the sensation of orgasm in order to control them better:

Stop and Start Technique

This method involves getting close to climax and then backing off. Stop all sexual activity at the point where the male feels the need to ejaculate or orgasm. After stopping for about 30 seconds, you can resume sexual activity. Continue repeating this sequence until each of you is ready for ejaculation to occur. Continue in this way until ejaculation occurs.

Squeeze Method

The squeeze method consists of sexual stimulation until the moment of ejaculation, putting pressure on the penis, stopping activity completely and then returning to sexual activity. Begin by engaging in foreplay and partake of this approach during sex. To begin, penis stimulation should ensue right up to the point where ejaculation may occur. Next, your partner should apply pressure to the tip of the penis, at the juncture of the head and the shaft. This region is referred to as the glans. Squeeze hard enough – it should be a bit uncomfortable, but not really painful. When the feelings of ejaculation subside, stop squeezing. Cease activity for 30 seconds and then continue with foreplay. When the penis is squeezed, it may lose part of the erection; however the erection will become hard again when sexual activity restarts. Repeat these steps until penetration can occur without ejaculating prematurely. The main goal is to have control over the urge to ejaculate without it being necessary to squeeze the penis.