Tips and Recommendations to Last Longer in Bed

If you want to take longer to reach a climax but don’t desire to use prescription drugs or get a costly operation on your penis, you might be happy to find out that there are a lot of premature ejaculation remedies available. This article will help you understand nature’s helpful tips to help you deal with this hindrance.

1. Prolonging ejaculation

A good tip that you can use to hold off ejaculation is called the squeeze method. Rather than entering your partner when you feel that you are close to orgasm, squeeze the tube that can be found on the underside of your penis. Employing this method allows blood to be released from the penis and will help delay an orgasm. In the beginning, you may feel weird, stopping and starting again, but practice makes perfect. Also attempt this when masturbating if you are not ready to do this in front of your partner.

2. Stop or masturbate

Take note of the average amount of time it takes until your partner is able to orgasm during your sessions. If your mate requires 15 minutes to come, practice self-stimulation for this period. If you think you are on the verge of ejaculating, stop and pause for a brief moment before masturbating again. Masturbation can be employed as a natural way to prevent this type of problem and increase stamina.

3. Reduce the pressure

Use foreplay to allow your partner to come first. Using your mouth for stimulation, using sexual toys and touching her clitoris are good ways to make your mate have one or more orgasms. And if you can give your mate pleasure, there will be less stress for you and what you are doing in bed.

4. Be aware of how your body responds

If you have a hard time gauging when ejaculation is imminent, it is possible to learn how to divide sexual excitement into 4 phases to hold your orgasm at bay. The natural order of things is: Stimulation, plateau, climax and orgasm. Concentrate on extending the second phase; this will postpone the third and fourth phase. During the second phase when you feel the moment coming, slow down immediately or stop, so the plateau phase will last longer.

5. Do kegels

Kegels are pelvic movements mainly done by females to make their vaginal muscles tighter. Use of these exercises can build up a man’s muscles that are used during ejaculation. The muscles which are exercised are the same ones used to stop urine flow. You can improve your sex life and last longer by stopping the flow of fluids exiting your body.

6. Thrusting can cause you to reach orgasm

If you thrust your hips during sex, it can trigger an orgasm and make it difficult to control. When you thrust more rapidly, it is more difficult to control. The first 2 to 3 inches of the vagina are where the sensitive nerve endings are located, so concentrating on this area makes it more likely that a female will reach an orgasm than if you were pushing deep inside her vagina. When you thrust deeply, you will come sooner.

7. Utilize natural aids and supplements

A number of herbal premature ejaculation pills and natural supplements are available that can help you delay orgasm. The ingredients in these pills have been utilized for quite some time by men who want to resolve their premature ejaculation issues. There are a lot of beneficial products that can be purchased at a pharmacy or health store.

8. Second time success

Engaging in more than one sexual interlude in one evening is helpful when trying to overcome premature ejaculation. If ejaculation happens too soon on the initial round, during the second session more time will be required to produce enough semen for another orgasm. The tension will have been released and it will increase the required time for your body to make more semen for the second session.

9. Let the female lay on top

This position allows you to last longer while having sex, because your penis experiences less stimulation than it does with alternative sex positions. In this position, you also have better control over your body’s responses, and you do not have to thrust so quickly. This means that less force is utilized and ejaculations will be longer in coming.

10. Don’t concentrate on the end result

Males have been programmed to think about orgasms since puberty when they began to masturbate. The goal of sex/masturbation should be the entire journey, not just the orgasm at the end. When you begin having intercourse or masturbating preoccupied with orgasm, you’ll come quicker. Think about the entire journey of the sex act, not just the destination of an orgasm.

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